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Overview of the Google Self Driving Car

Posted on 04 June 2014 by yizhan

It’s a well known fact that Google has been working on autonomous self driving cars for well over a few years now and people have been craving to see them in actual action so we recently got to see a glimpse of what they’re like when Google displayed its batch of self driving autonomous Lexus SUVs to the public and the press. The representatives of Google also mentioned that this project was being worked on for more than five years and along with this they also gave a good overview of the research and accomplishments thus far.

google's self driver car

The basic demonstration involved two people getting into the self driving car and it seemed that they had had a smartphone in their hands with an app installed which they used to tell the car where their destination is. After they directed the car to their destination with the app then it automatically (as expected) took them to their assigned destination and then automatically stopped. However, during the test drive the self driving car seemed to display one shortfall. The shortfall was that passengers couldn’t just change their path mid-way through their journey so if any passenger had to change their route mid-way then they’d have to instruct the car to stop and then they’d assign a new route to it which can be quite a hassle.

self driving car engine

The Google Self Driving Car lives up to its name as a truly driverless car since there were absolutely no controls in the car. Nothing you’d see in an ordinary car such as no steering wheels, no acceleration pedal, no break peddle and no gear handle so basically the only control you’ll have over your car is through the smartphone app and other than that you can’t control the car manually no matter what the circumstances. Google did mention that it was considering allowing passengers to seize control of the car during some emergency situations but decided against adding such a feature since it will just end up increasing the danger risk both to the car and its passengers.

selft driving car 3

Google has set the current speed of the Self Driving Car to go up to a maximum of 25 miles per hour and along with this the lead test driver for Google’s Self Driving Car, Brain Torcelleni, said that “We’re all about safety and realize that everything we do is about upholding the reputation of this technology. Many people are confused as to how the Google Self Driving Car knows about what roads to take, where a destination is, where any turns are and other similar things. The Self Driving car has Google’s high detail maps software hardwired into its system. The Google maps software that is built into the Self Driving Car is so in-depth that it details every single relevant thing such as stop signs, traffic lights, one way signs and other similar things and as for current traffic the car has sensors built into it that detect traffic and similar things for up to 600 ft. The car knows its own position thanks to a Global Positioning Satellite feed provided by Google’s own software.

Google has stated that they plan to have up to a 100 prototypes of the self-driving car and have them on public roads by the end of summer 2014. For the people who are curious on when they’ll be actually able to purchase these cars, it has been mentioned that they’ll be available for public purchase at some time during the year of 2015 and will only be available to the public where the law permits. Up until now there are only four states that have allowed the testing of self driving cars on public roads and these are California, Nevada, Michigan and Florida.

As a closing statement, a Google representative stated that “This is not an evolution of the car, but a revolution”.

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Android KitKat 4.4

Posted on 30 December 2013 by yizhan

Android is the new blast in tech world . Its more stability and customization made it more useful OS in mobile industry . Android is owned by Google . Google is making rapid development of Android OS . After the success of Android 4.3 jelly bean which released just after Android 4.0 Ice cream sandwich. Around 66% people currently using android 4.3 . .
android 4.4
Recently Google had announced Android 4.4 KitKat (collaboration with Nestlé) on 3th of September. As this the new version android definitely its more sleek and stable then previous one with the improvement of some new features . And its been developed for low end devices . Android KitKat will be preinstalled in the up coming latest smart phones in 2014

The new android OS comes with new advance type of tricks and tweaks . The new user interface makes user much easier to access . Notification bar has a transparent type of look . The more customizable setting than previous one . The transparent notification can be hide in full screen application . Although KitKat 4.4 also looks like the previous version of android . But honestly more better than IOS 7.
Google resolved some old crashes and bugs in this new version of android . The multitasking is quite faster than jelly bean and have great improvements in the touch screen means that your device will give you more stable and faster responds than ever before.

Google now integration
The voice search is fully integrated with the home launcher , now you can access Google now by just saying the hotword “Ok Google” totally hand free . You can also access the Google now by just swipe left to the home screen and there you can see your all Google cards.

Call dialer
Now your call dialer is also fully integrated . It can now suggest you those people who you called most . You can search a person inside the app without exit from app . Its can also suggest you the people living nearby your place .
Google Keyboard
In the new version of android google involved slightly better keyboard . Looks quite same like previous one . The new keyboard does also come with new emojis .
Google Integration
As android is owned by Google , The new version is fully integrated with Google applications , Google cloud Prints . Google Keep gives you instant note . Google Drive is also fully integrated with Google Quickoffice , you can save your file instantly to Google drive.

Following are the phones will get Android 4.4:
• Nexus 4
• Nexus 7
• Nexus 7 (2013)
• Nexus 10
Other than google nexus devices , some mobile brands can also get android new versions
• Samsung Galaxy S4
• Samsung Galaxy Note 3
• LG G2
• LG G Pad
• Sony Xperia Z
• Sony Xperia Z1
• Sony Xperia Z Ultra
• HTC One
• HTC One Mini
• Moto X (for those of you who can get a Moto X)

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In Regards To Laptops, We Have The Best Tips

Posted on 10 October 2013 by yizhan

A laptop allows people to easily move around as they do their work. Whether they wish to watch a movie in the back seat of a car or show a client a new project, a laptop gives them the flexibility they need. This article explains how best to buy a new laptop.

Carefully consider the battery life of the laptop before buying. Laptops that will be used primarily on the go need a batter with a long life. Likewise, if you will be using your laptop in your home or office, you can opt for one that is lighter with less battery time.

If you’re considering buying a laptop, remember that most laptops can’t be used for gaming. Most low to mid ranged laptops lack separate graphics cards, instead relying on ones integrated into the CPU. While this works for most basic users, it’s not powerful enough to play most games. So if you want one you can play a modern game on, you have to remember to find out if it has a regular graphics card or not.

If you’re going to be traveling with your laptop, make sure you consider its weight. Most laptops are quite small, but they can still be pretty heavy. And if you’re going to be carrying it around at school or on trips, it can get quite tiring. So if you plan on taking it a lot of places, make sure you get one that’s not too heavy.

Get on the mailing list of different laptop brands. You will be able to get insiders-only discounts and coupon codes. When you are in the market for a new laptop, you might get just the coupon you need to make a purchase. Sometimes, a good coupon will help you make up your mind.

When purchasing a new laptop, ask if you have the option of trading in your old computer. Many manufacturers will allow this, and it can save you several hundred dollars on your new laptop purchase. The old laptop is often refurbished and resold, meaning less waste going into landfills as well.

Before buying that netbook, really consider whether you’ve got the processing power that you need in the machine. Netbooks are amazing on battery but typically poor performers in terms of power. If you are using the machine for emails and light word processing, you’ll be ok. But if you are looking for more, then another option may be better.

If you plan on keeping this computer for quite some time, make sure it can be upgraded. You may need to swap out the hard drive or add more RAM. These changes are easier to make on some computers than others. Try to get the newest options but don’t overpay for these upgrades that may be obsolete next year.

You must balance the need for security with price when determining whether or not to buy a warranty on your laptop. Warranty options vary from total protection to extremely limited protection. If you are prone to accidents, pay more for the warranty that offers more protection. If you are relatively careful with your belongings, choose a limited warranty.

To keep your laptop from getting damaged, set drinks on a coaster instead of just on your desk. Glasses and cans can condense, and the water that runs down the side of the container can get on your working surface and then run under the laptop, damaging components. Water and your laptop are not compatible.

When you need to buy a new laptop, you have to do it right to ensure you end up with the utility you need at a price you can afford. Each of these tips has pointed you in the right direction, now you just have to go out and shop. We wish you luck as you pick out your laptop!

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What Needs To Go Into Buying Your Laptop

Posted on 07 October 2013 by yizhan

What makes a laptop so popular? The most important feature is that you can take it anywhere without having to tether it to an outlet. On top of that, is has all the power of a desktop in a tiny little package. If you want to learn the right way to buy a laptop, read on.

Get the right sized screen when you buy a laptop. Look at the screen of your computer right now, and decide whether that is going to be a good screen size for your new laptop. In fact, take a look at bigger screens as well. Just keep in mind that the larger the screen is, the more the laptop will weigh.

Consider walking into a store and physically trying a laptop, even if you plan to buy it online. Buying a laptop online is a great idea for a number of reasons, but it can be hard to get a clear idea of what the machine looks like. If you can handle it in a store, you will be more comfortable buying it, whether you buy it right there or online.

When you need to buy a laptop, do so with your credit card if at all possible. Since there are many laws in place to protect consumers when they purchase big ticket items with a card, your investment will be safer. Should something be wrong with your new machine and the vendor isn’t cooperative, contact the card issuer immediately.

Avoid using your laptop computer on a soft surface, such as a pillow or bed. Setting your laptop on a soft surface blocks air flow that is supposed to flow through the ventilation holes on the bottom. This can cause your laptop to overheat. When using your laptop in bed, rest it on a book or other hard surface to allow for ventilation.

Consider a touchscreen laptop. More and more software for PCs is being created with touchscreen technology in mind, meaning this option will become increasingly essential as time goes on. By purchasing the technology now, you can take advantage of the touchscreen features and not feel a necessity to re-buy another computer for several years.

Consider online reviews when you want to buy a laptop online. While reviews should be taken with a grain of salt, it can help you see if the model you want is worth buying. Many times, these reviews will contain important information on how great or poor a model is and what their experience was. This can save you a lot of frustration and money if you know what to buy or avoid.

When buying a laptop computer, it is a good idea to consider how you will be using it before you compare all the different models. If you are doing just basic word processing and checking your email, you won’t need as powerful a laptop as someone who intends to play video games.

Consider the operating system. Most laptops will come with one of two operating systems. Those systems are Mac or Windows. There are advantages and disadvantages to each operating system. Consider what you will be using the laptop for, and the features you will require. This will help you make the best decision.

To keep your laptop safe on the road, pack it in its own suitcase; if you do not have a separate laptop bag, then get a padded case for the laptop that you can place in another bag. Make sure that there is nothing else in that larger bag heavy enough to crack the screen through the case.

If you were looking for tips and tricks on buying a new laptop, this article has provided you with all you need to know. Your job is to use that data to buy a new laptop which perfectly meets your requirements. As soon as you do, you’ll be computing anywhere and everywhere!

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How Engineering Is Affecting Brain Activity

Posted on 18 September 2013 by Jenny Beswick

The world that we live in is being changed; modern day engineering is changing the face of technology as we know it. What this entails is that huge advances are being made in the health care industry; things that we never thought were possible are being achieved. One of the most fascinating areas of development within healthcare is the brain. The brain has always been a part of the body that we know a lot about, but at the same time very little. Using current engineering technology, breakthroughs are being made which are purely awe-inspiring. Here are a few examples of how engineering is affecting brain activity.

Reverse Engineering

For the last fifty years or so, scientists have tried to create artificial intelligence (AI). Even though these clever machines are now doing more in 2013 than playing a game of chess; in comparison with humans, computers cant think to a high degree. Many scientists now think that not enough attention has been paid to real brains; but reverse engineering can reveal so much about how our brain works. From understanding how our brain works, only then can we then recreate artificial intelligence to a high standard. By using non-invasive methods to measure brain activity is just the beginning; engineers are now being put to the test to replicate neurons ability to exhibit a variety of excitation. When this is achieved, man will be able to bring to life a much deeper thinking level of artificial intelligence.

New laser shines light on Brain Activity

European engineers have produced an astonishing new instrument which can be used for studying nerve cells held within the brain. The tool is the first of its kind; a laser which can simultaneously inserts fluid into cells whilst shining light into them, all whilst recording activity levels. Named the optrode, the device was first used on mice in order to influence their brains. How this was done is through inserting the mice with specific algae genes which are responsive to light – enabling the scientists to measure the electrical activity of nerve cells when pulses of coloured laser light are beamed upon them. There is still a lot of work to be done to improve the device, but the German engineers have ideas that will enable them to work with more freely moving animals in the future.

Brain to Brain communication

Now here is something which will truly blow your mind; brain to brain communication. Imagine this, two researchers sitting at opposite ends of a campus wearing unique caps. Rao, a computational neuroscience lecturer, wears a cap connected to a machine that reads brain activity (EEG). Stucco, a psychology assistant, wears a cap connected to a transcranial magnetic simulation (TMS) machine – a device which sends stimulating signals to the left motor cortex. In short, Rao was able to control Stuccos movement from a completely different room, using the internet as a means of communication. Check it out:

The next step for Rao is finding ways of making two way brain to brain communications possible. At the same time, Rao wants to expand on the intensity of transmittable information – making more complex actions likely. Most probably this technology will end up ushering a whole new era of mind control into our lives; however the scope for using this technology in productive ways is vast. Professor Rao is confident that breakthroughs can be made in robot prosthetics, and even providing blind people with sight.

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Acer V5-431-10072G50Mass 14″ Laptop

Posted on 14 May 2013 by yizhan

Laptops are getting slimmer by the day, but there has not been much compromise on the price factor, yet. Low-budget laptops, on the other hand have had certain tradeoffs between specs and design. With the influx of new Aspire V5 series, Acer is planning to assemble a beautiful design that often accompanies an Ultra book with a low enough price for their new V5-431.

Thin as it is, V5 still packs a strong power and graphics. Some models even feature useful optical drive and LAN / VGA combo port, while they all promise cool-to-the-touch comfort. Elegant design sports a smooth surface.

Acer V5-431 is a 14-inch laptop with 1366 x 768 pixels and above webcam and comes with a silver initial resistant exterior and borrowed a lot of looks at the top of the notebook market. Well it’s definitely not a bad thing considering the price. V5 is slim wrapped strong power and graphics. Some models even feature useful optical drive and LAN / VGA combo port, while they all promise cool-to-the-touch comfort. Elegant design sports a smooth surface.

Acer V5-431 has completed a dual-tone silver and black and looks quite sleek and stylish. No metal was used in construction but still superior finish and looks like a horde of plasticky laptops on the market. The corners have a well contoured finish to them which further adds to the style V5. Acer V5-431 complete tasks quickly and brilliantly. Acer V5-431 comes with the latest generation of Intel processing, and Intel HD graphics. Using the optical drive, you can watch movies and play games, along with true-to-master Dolby Advanced Audio v2.1 LAN / VGA combo port2 lets you easily connect to the Internet or an external display.

Acer Always Connect links to familiar hotspots in just 2.5 seconds. Acer V5-431 has 3 simple file transfer is swif USB 3.0 ports, 2-in-1 card reader, and Bluetooth 4.0. With this tool you can transfer photos, videos, music and documents in seconds. In addition, Acer V5-431 has a DVD writer and a Kensington lock is located on the right. Below the screen is a full-sized keyboard, along with the power switch ON. The track pad is a little out of the center, so it does not come in the way while typing. If you are uncertain V5, below are the specs of the V5.


Operating System : Windows 8
Processor : Intel Celeron processor 1007U (1.50 GHz)
Chipset : Mobile Intel HM70 Express Chipset
Memory : 2GB DDR3
Hard Disk : 500GB
Display Screen : 14-inch HD Acer CineCrystal LED-backlit TFT LCD
Video Type : Intel HD Graphics with 128 MB of dedicated system memory
Audio : Optimized Dolby Advanced Audio v2 audio enhancement
Optical Drive : 8x DVD Super Multi Double-Layer Drive
Dimension : 342 (W) x 245 (D) x 20/23 (H) mm (13.5 x 9.6 x 7.9/9.1 inches)
Weight : 2.1 kg (4.63 lbs)
Battery Type : 37 Wh 2500 mAh Li-ion battery pack
Battery Life : Up to 5 hours battery life
Network Interface : Gigabit Ethernet, Wake-on-LAN ready
Bluetooth 2.1
Wireless LAN : Acer InviLink™ Nplify™ 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™
Card Reader : 2-in-1 Card Reader
Camera : Acer Crystal Eye HD Webcam with: 1280 X 1024 resolution
Standard I/O Ports : 2-in-1 Card Reader (SD, MMC)
(2) USB 2.0 ports/(1) USB 3.0 ports
HDMI port with HDCP support
LAN/VGA combo port
Headphone/Speake jack, supporting 3.5mm headset with built-in microphone
Microphone-in jack
DC-in jack for AC Adapter
Special Keys : Multi Gesture touchpad, supporting two finger scroll, pinch, rotate flip
Carrying Case : Acer Carrying Bag
Warranty : 1 year Limited Local Warranty (Parts and Labor)

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Sony Xperia Line

Posted on 28 August 2012 by yizhan

Last March, Sony announced another new handset on the Sony Xperia line. The Sony Ericsson smartphone which has had the phone related forums and blogs literally buzzing because the original announcement over 5 years ago has now finally been released within the UK. You will likely love how these tiny capacitive buttons are strategically distanced from the other person. Today, this really is still referred to as Xperia Series flagship plus the current champion in the NXT series. You will also find the Android Gingerbread since its OS. If you glance at the handset, you might barely see the difference between several handsets.

The Xperia U’s bottom caps are interchangeable as the other an example may be fixed. The phone’s design retained that transparent plastic section that comes with the Sony Xperia S. Although available on Vodafone, O2 and Orange deals this latest Sony phone is expected to become released on both T-Mobile and 3 Mobile contract offers very soon along with being presented as a SIM free and Pay As You Go phone if you do not like investing in long-term contracts. Sony recently unveiled a fantastic new selection of smartphones for the CES exhibition that has been held in Las Vegas. They may also record videos at 1080 pixels possibly at 30 frames per second (fps). Apple i – Phone 5 This amazing gadget from Apple is included with i – OS 5.

Notice how a handset can do giving you that matt white plastic back and black glass front. This handset is also filled with extra value when it will come to software and hardware. You can find the color with the light according to your picture that you will be viewing or when you find yourself phone is notifying you of calls or messages. Makerbot 3D Printer Makerbot Thing-O-Matic(r) 3D printer is often a breakthrough in printing technology. If you fell in love together with the Xperia S then I believe that you might love this new Xperia handset. You may record VGA videos with the product at a speed of 30fps.

Sony did their finest to come out that has a pleasing design with this handset. This handset can also be equipped having a front-facing VGA camera which enable it to record videos at 1080p at 30 frames per second with continuous auto-focus and video light. All you have to do should be to simply hover your finger or perhaps ordinary cloth (i. It has Pocket Office including power point, Word, Excel, PDF Viewer along with features that helps you being ready to your work no matter where you stand. This specific handset in accordance with Sony has a unibody design because its back cover is made coming from a single little bit of metal only. Android can be used in other devices like tablets, netbooks and smartwatches, in order to name a number of.

The phone has grown to be quite popular and is particularly a hit one of many users. The phone’s right side houses the degree buttons, HDMI port, and dedicated camera button. Sony has proved its worth and credibility in mobile sector by introducing advance technology and features rolling around in its phones. The system builds on top in the Android OS which offers a rich graphical user interface in conjunction with unrivalled service plug-ins and content from external partners. If you see this handset, the primary thing you are going to say is that it’s got everything that you might ever need in the smartphone. If you glance at the Sony Xperia U then you are going to notice a slight resemblance to Sony’s Xperia flagship the Sony Xperia S.

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China Technology News: Huawei to Seek Projects Related to …

Posted on 01 April 2012 by yizhan

Source: Bloomberg News By Soraya Permatasari Huawei Technologies Co., China's largest maker of telephone equipment, said it will continue to seek projects related to Australia's broadband network after being banned …

Read the article:
China Technology News: Huawei to Seek Projects Related to …

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Fiber Optic Technology Could Bring Sunlight to NYC's Underground …

Posted on 01 April 2012 by yizhan

A technology to funnel sunlight underground is a major reason the proposed “Lowline” park is being seriously considered.

Continued here:
Fiber Optic Technology Could Bring Sunlight to NYC's Underground …

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World's slowest Linux computer, says 'Hello Wor…' (video) — Engadget

Posted on 01 April 2012 by yizhan

Evidently tired of smooth running graphics, lightning fast processing and bags and bags of available memory, programmer Dmitry Grinberg decided to go back.

Read More:
World's slowest Linux computer, says 'Hello Wor…' (video) — Engadget

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Cool Cat Teacher Blog: Daily Education and Technology News for …

Posted on 31 March 2012 by yizhan

Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 03/31/2012. Posted by Vicki Davis. Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook

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