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Windows Azure – Toolkits for iOS, Android and Windows Phone

Posted on 10 May 2011 by yizhan

Microsoft announced yesterday, a new toolkit for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone called the Windows Azure. The toolkit will allow developer to use the cloud to accelerate the creation of application on most mobile device platform.


image credits to Microsoft.com

Images Credits to Microsoft


The toolkits aims the cloud to simplify the intricacy of supporting different devices. As a common Results, developers can now use cloud (internet) services to share common requirements like device notifications, authentication,and storage. At the same time, developers can maximize the performance of each mobile device by writing client code that exploits each platform. As more and more mobile applications rely on back-end services, the cloud can become increasingly useful and strategic for developers.

As Mentioned on my previous post on the Concept of Cloud Computing, The service is now in demand that lots of companies are embracing its service and features. Cloud computing is now considered as the next generation in computing service.


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Microsoft Surface

Posted on 02 May 2010 by yizhan

Microsoft Surface, A multi-touch screen device developed by Microsoft, capable of responding to a natural hand gesture and real-world objects. Keyboards and mouse are not needed, you can just grab digital object with your hands and drag it. The Microsoft surface has the ability to identify and interact with an object place on the screen allowing you to transfer information between devices like digital camera and mobile phone.

Video credits from PopularMechanics.com

Microsoft Surface technology uses cameras and images in the  infrared spectrum, making it possible to recognize different  object  that was placed on the screen and then processed by the computer to display the content of digital devices such as camera and mobile phone.  The user can now interact with it just simply by using hand gesture  instead of mouse and keyboard.

Microsoft Surface’s technology started in 2001, when Stivie Batiche of  Microsoft Hardware and Andy Wilson of Microsoft research began exploring the concept of a interactive table.  Their goal is to mix physical and virtual world to provide rich interactive experience.  This idea was then presented by the New Consumer Products Group  to Bill Gates, and then a month after the first fully working prototype was created, based on an IKEA table and sheets of architect vellum as a diffuser. Microsoft Surface begun evolving as more application was created.   In 2007 the team developed and became the Surface Computing group and begun refining the prototype’s functionality and application. They have built more prototype for use by some software developers, hardware developers and researchers.  In 2007 the team shift from prototyping to building the and preparing to sell the first fully functional multi touch-screen multi-user computer and was commercialize in 2008.

See More from Microsoft Surface.

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