On The Go Michigan – Michigan’s Cannabis Transport Service

OntheGo.com was founded to help cannabis growers in Michigan safely transport their cannabis products and currency from location to location. As the industry continues to expand, cannabis retailers and manufacturers have found that it is difficult to grow a business without security. The risks are higher due to poor transportation and fears about different ways to transport marijuana products and currency to buyers and sellers. With OntheGoMichigan.com, Michigan finally has a signup form for secured cannabis transport that can do it all and provide the expertise and experience needed. OntheGoMichigan.com offers solutions providing armed and unarmed transportation security for grow operations, provisioning centers/dispensaries, processing centers/commercial kitchens/extraction centers, laboratories, and financial institutions/banks. Our clients receive a customized program that takes into detail what you are moving and how you would like it moved, as well as what types of detail is ideal so that you get un-paralleled protection and service. Our clients want to be able to focus on the business, while our team of professionals takes care of the rest. Protect your business by working with efficiency of On The Go Michigan. Transportation Services that focuses on the best outcome for our clients every time. We provide trained and vetted employees,  and state of the art software that will guide all orders to its destination safely. When protecting your investments, using our fully integrated mobile web-portal offering accurate and instant order entry, real-time access to the latest information entered into the our secure system anytime anywhere, order status, tracking, and your own personal customer web portal. By hiring our transport, you gain access to a security team that is there when you need it. Lots of businesses value the free flow of products to customers in order to be successful. We take that a step further. The marijuana industry in Michigan is booming, and our clients are protected with services that allow them to keep their operations safe and discreet. Benefits such as but not limited to; Saving time and money on secure transport, Lower the risk of theft, eliminate mishandling, free up resources for other productive activities, Increase operational efficiency, Gain greater visibility of your operation, Improve security for employees and customers, reserve and track all shipments through OnTheGoMichigan’s website.  Our services come with state of the art software fully integrated to help assure our clients to receive excellent service. Our objective is to provide a sense of security that allows our clients to escape liability by letting us handle the security situations with point-to-point cannabis delivery. There are cannabis business owners stationed all throughout Michigan that consult with our team to get sound and secure transportation. Therefore, we service all areas of Michigan for Michigan marijuana transport service, transporting deliveries to provisioning centers, cultivation centers, laboratory centers, and processing centers throughout the state. Try onthegomi.com for your services, If you are not watching your shipments and deliveries or providing a secure team to protect your investments, then you are leaving yourself open to risk. OnTheGoMichigan Transportation Services takes away that risk by becoming your logistical arm. Our discreet vehicles that blend in with vehicles on the road. We transport products and cash without any complaints. Our fleet models are equipped to not be accessible or penetrable through the process of any pickups and deliveries. Our fleets can with stand all weather patterns and seasons Michigan endures annually. Additional security features that places OnTheGo’s transportation company at the highest standards for the cannabis industry. From precise GPS tracking to 360 degree live 24 hour remote monitored cameras.  We will provide armed and unarmed security services for every level of transit. Our trained and vetted team at OntheGoMichigan will use unmarked specialized cargo vehicles that are equipped for all types of terrain and seasons. Specially created to blend in with civilian population but internally customized for protection.  Equipped with run flat tires, security locks, security cages, sensors, 360 degree real time coverage, GPS tracking, and etc. Our client’s assets are not just protected by our team and vehicles, all goods transported are fully insured. As for cash delivery, when transferring any amount of currency, OnTheGoMichigan’s Transportation Services will save you time and money. In Michigan, there is no shortage of traffic, or construction zones. You do not have to worry about making these cash drops or to figure what to do in a hostile environment. With our well trained team, we answer all questions and provide impact answers to help you protect your investments. Insured and bonded we provide all levels of protection.