Gambling is one of the activities that people engage in to create supplementary income to the one that they earn by engaging in other money-generating activities. There are many factors that one should consider when they want to take part in the gambling process which involves a lot of uncertainties. There are various tricks that can be used to increase the chances of predicting the outcomes well so that one can earn the income that they always wish to earn when they engage in the gambling process. Betting through online platforms is one of the factors that have increased the number of people who engage in gambling to earn income.

The sites allow one to compare the performance of the two different teams that they would like to place their bets on so that they can know which team is likely to win based on the previous performances they had. Gambling is an activity that should be done by people who have some knowledge about the game they want to bet on. Anyone who has a history of the teams that are playing will find it easier for them to predict the performance of the teams. The more money one stake in any form of gambling, the more money one should expect to earn. It is, therefore, important to invest more money into games that one is sure of winning so that they can earn more money which is the main intention of many people who engage in gambling.

Though the outcomes in most of these activities are always uncertain, it is always important to also use the odds that are provided by the site because they also show the likelihood of one team beating the other. The team that has the lower odds has, the higher chance of winning the match and it is the team that one should place their stakes on.

The advantage of gambling on the online platform is that one is able to take part in gambling at any time that they want to because the site is available at any time of the day. This has provided a platform to many people who had an interest in gambling, but because the casino pubs did not have the space to accommodate them, they could not take part in gambling. It is also a good platform because it is easy to join, unlike the casino pubs which require a lot of procedures to be followed before one can be allowed to start taking part in the gambling process.

The online platform only requires one to be eighteen years and above in age because gambling is an activity that is only allowed to adults in most countries. The use of this technology has enabled many people to take part in the gambling process and at the same time engage in other money-generating activities. For one to get the best odds that can enable them to win a good amount of money they can also ask the advice of the experts who provide such services. This can enable them to win more money and reduce the chances of losing a lot of money in the gambling process. This is an activity that when carried out can be a main source of income for many people who are interested in taking part in gambling. These tips can also enable one to increase the amount of income they earn.

Gambling in Vegas: Beating the Odds

Las Vegas is home to some of the most comprehensive and complex gaming machines one will find. From slots to sports betting, Vegas has always been the home for gamblers to try to define the set odds. Winning in Vegas often requires a deep pocketbook and thick skin for when you are down on your luck. Luck isn’t the only element at stake when you gamble in Vegas and below we’ll detail how you can take advantage of some machines that can help you defy the odds.


All slot machines and video poker machines in Las Vegas operate at about a 94% payback. Leaving the house edge at an average of 6%. The odds are not in your favor generally speaking when looking to play slot machines. Defining the house edge leaves you with little room to operate. The percentage of the house edge is divided up amongst the casino’s machines and a larger portion of this is dedicated to the higher dollar machines. Machines that require a higher minimum bet will be your best selection for a greater chance of winning. Not only are your chances greater, but the payouts will be larger in sum when compared to penny and nickel machines.


A second form of increasing your chances of winning is playing machines that involve choices. Choosing between 2 or 3 different options gives you an advantage in variability. This variance works much like the game of Let’s Make a Deal. If the contestant made it to the final showcase they had a choice between three curtains. One curtain that the contestant didn’t choose was opened to show a desirable prize. Once that took place the contestant had the choice of whether or not they wanted to keep their original choice or swap it out for the other remaining unknown showcase. By making the swap, the contestant would increase their chances of winning by 33.3% and would create better odds than they originally had. One machine that this advantage can be found on is a Deal or No Deal slot machine. During your playing period if you eliminate all options down to two choices, swap your original case and your odds will go from a chance to favoring higher payouts. Other machines are featured like the one mentioned, so make sure you do your homework in scouting these options out.


Reverting back to the first technique, always have thick skin when it comes to your betting. Playing the penny and nickel slots will eventually burn your bankroll out, it will often just take more time to do so. Playing machines that have a $5-$10 minimum bet marks your best options as their house edge is much more penetrable. Continued playing will increase your odds of hitting that big payout, so while you could go downhill quickly, your chances of hitting it big become much more manageable.


The best playing options aren’t always the most attractive games. Newer games in the casino are the ones that feature all the bells and whistles. They are lit up rather brightly and they attract your line of vision from the second you set foot on the casino playing floor. Stay far away from these options as they often mark odds that are practically insurmountable for the player. The least attractive options are often the ones that you should draw your attention towards. There is a reason they are located in the corners or in rather obscure locations. These machines feature better odds than the ones that are often toted as ‘featured’ slots.
Always remember that the odds are virtually never in your favor. There is no guaranteed way to beat the odds in Vegas and this guide remains a tool for increasing your odds. You can always increase your odds of winning, but you can never guarantee that these favorable odds will lead to huge payouts and jackpot wins.

How I made a million dollars being an Las Vegas Escort

Times were hard where I grew up. My parents worked odd jobs in my little Italian town. No one had much, but they always worked hard. I saw how hard my parents had to work even just to put a little bit of food on the table. Sometimes we would have very little, and sometimes nothing to eat. As a young girl, I started to want more for myself. I didn’t want to end up like everyone else who lived here. Little or no work, and rags for clothing. My life was going nowhere if I stayed here. My parents saved what little money they could and we ended up moving to America. That, I thought, would be the fresh start my family needed. After weeks of travel, my parents and I got to Las Vegas. I’ve never seen any place like this! Bright lights as far as the eye could see, and so many people! I was overwhelmed! My parents were much older now and I was 18. They got work cleaning hotel rooms. It didn’t sound like much, but it was better than we ever had it before. We lived in a small apartment, but seeing what this world here had to offer, I still wanted more. I saw an ad for escorts. I looked into it and learned that I could make a lot of money being an escort. I wanted to do this, and I wanted to make a lot of money. I ended up with an escort job, but, I had to hide this from my parents because I knew they would not be happy with my decision. My job was great. It was not like being a prostitute who has sex for money. I was not going to be one of those. I was able to make money by spending time with my clients. I didn’t have sex for money. Many of my clients wanted me just to be a personal companion for them.  We went out to eat at some of the nicest places Las Vegas had to offer. I’ve never eaten so well in my life. These same clients wanted to take me to Las Vegas shows on the strip. What a life I was living!

After a while of being an escort, I was making some really good money being an escort. I had enough money to move out of my parent’s apartment and was able to get my own. I was proud of what I was becoming. I was making good money and living on my terms. Life was pretty good. I was a good escort. Sometimes I would show clients around town. Many of them were from other cities in the country and some were from around the world. I would take them to see some of the best shows Las Vegas had to offer along with some great restaurants. They seemed to have a really good time. They didn’t treat me like I was a “piece of meat”, and they just wanted to go out with a beautiful, classy woman who knew her way around the area. I appreciated that. For the first time in my life, I have made something of myself. I have become someone that people want to be with. My clients want companionship. They are classy individuals who like to have a beautiful woman at their side. I love my work because I enjoy making other people feel good.

I moved into a bigger apartment since I was making more money from my repeat clients. I must treat them pretty well since they want to go out on dates with me every time they come into town for business or conventions. I considered myself lucky. I started remembering how it was when I was a little girl. Not having enough to eat, wearing poor clothing, and living in a very small, rundown place with my parents. It motivated me to be the best escort in Las Vegas I could be and it paid off. I was not a sex toy for my clients, I was eye candy. That was a great compliment to me. I loved being lavished with gifts and money. I loved going out on dates and having special conversations with my clients. I was offering my time for money. What kind of job is it where you get paid great money for just going out and spending time with someone? It’s this job! And it’s great. The lifestyle is great, and feeling special every day is great. Now, I can do whatever it is I want to do. My parents do know what I do, and they’re a little old-fashioned. They understand that I am treated very well, and they know that I’m not a prostitute exchanging money for sex. They don’t necessarily approve of my lifestyle, but they understand that I am independent and very successful. I’m so successful that I finally made my first million dollars being a Las Vegas escort! This is something that as a little girl growing up in a poor town in Italy I could never imagine! I have everything I need now. I have a beautiful place to live, and I make great money just by being a companion to others. I have the greatest job in the world being an escort in Vegas one of the greatest cities, Las Vegas, Nevada.

The science of gambling

Las Vegas is not exactly a winner’s paradise, but adept players can play the games to beat the odds to win the game. Higher denomination slots are preferred for a greater probability of winning. The average on slot machines is significantly higher than the house edge. The payback is set lower on the penny and nickel slots, and greater on the dollar slots, so the odds are beaten by playing high denomination slots.

Gambling systems or tips to win are not to be trusted. Many people try to sell “proven” strategies to make bets to make money. Most of the bookish knowledge is not very effective in unlocking the winning strategy, if that were the case, then, it would not be practical for casinos to exist in the first place. The worst-case scenario at any casino would be to enter with some money and then leave empty-handed. Gambling responsibly will when completing the allotted time, one leaves.

The odds of winning at blackjack are significantly less if good attempts are made at playing. Playing blackjack involves a thorough study to learn the best strategies. Laminated cards enlist the best strategies for winning the game. Many casino gift shops carry blackjacks. These can even be found in many casino gift shops. In the 1950s, a statistical study demonstrated that the best strategy would significantly reduce the chance of loss. It didn’t spell good news for players since the casino would still be the winner. Physicist Edward Thorp worked on how to make the game more favorable to the gambler.

Collaborating with a team would offer solutions to the problem of counting cards. A team of students at MIT experimented with casinos. Contributing to Thorp’s work, the ill-reputed “MIT blackjack team” alluded to security by acting up with stereotypes: girls pretending to be dumb, foreign students acting as spoiled brats—all the time collaborating to count cards and hinting favorable situations to fellows. It happened to be very profitable. After completing one of their lucrative weekends, they departed Las Vegas with nearly $1 million in cash.

Craps is an interesting game to try out, which can be initially confusing, but with significantly lesser odds of winning, it is one of the best games for gamblers to beat the odds. When playing craps it is advisable to avoid the “inside bets”—that is, the bets situated on the inside of the craps felt structure. Be sure to stick to the pass line or don’t pass bets having complete odds. The casino will permit the player to place an odds bet after a point number is firmly set with the dice that will pay the true odds. For example, if the point value is four the gambler will be compensated 2 to 1 on a bet of odds that a four is played before a seven.

The generation of such ideas is a true reflection of the evolution of scientific betting over the years. Initially, solo gamblers tried out their fortunes in game rooms and casinos, nowadays there are renowned businesses that team up with mathematicians and statisticians to accomplish their goals. The strategies of the game are honed over time, fueled by gigantic volumes of data and statistical models. Gambling is quantifiable, organized, and on a large scale.