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Can we really earn through PTC sites?

Posted on 29 September 2010 by yizhan

PTC site, AKA Paid To Click Site.  Means that we can earn just by clicking from the ads that this certain sites shows.  The big question is can we really earn from this sites?  Well for me, its a yes, we can but there something we should remember first to ensue success in PTC world.  We have to determine if ever a PTC site is legit or a scam.  There are lots of PTC site that are operating from the web right now and most of them are scam, yes a lot of PTC site are scam.

I’ve tried a lot of PTC sites and encountered most of them as scam site.  So how do we determine if a certain site is legit or scam, well the only was is to search for other people that have encountered them, that is the safest way for you to do if you don’t want to get scammed.  There are lots of website who investigates PTC site and makes listing whether its legit or scam.

Here are insight from some honest and legit paying PTC site.


  1. NEOBUX –  The so called queen of PTC sites.  For standard members you get paid $0.01 per click and $0.005 per referral click.  For Golden or upgraded members you get $0.01 for every click you made and you can earn $0.01 for every click your referral made.  You must  minimum of $2.00 for your first payout request and $3.00 for your second payout request, $4.00 for your third request and so on till you reached $10.00.  Payment process is instant trough Paypal and Alertpay
  2. CASHIUM – This is one of my favorite site because most of rented referrals here are very active.  There are lots of way to earn with CASHIUM. Earn up to $0.012 defends on your membership upgrade.
  3. CLIXSENSE – In Clixsense you earn $0.01 just by viewing a 30 second ads and earn $0.2 every time you refer someone and earn even more when your referral upgrade to premium member.
  4. PALMBUX – This site is just the same us NEOBUX and CASHIUM the important thing is, it is legit and it is paying.

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iphone 4

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Official Release of iPhone 4 by GLobe Philippines

Posted on 24 September 2010 by yizhan

News scattered in the net about the most awaited iPhone 4 will be officially available in the Philippines this September 26, 2010.  For those who want to avail of the iPhone 4 prepaid kits, you can avail the iPhone 4 16Gb Black version for the price of  ₱37,499.00 and ₱43,699.00 for the 32Gb Black version.

iphone 4 released by Globe Philippines

The Pricing for the some Globe Plans featuring the Black iPhone 4

SKU LAP 250 – Plan 499 Plan 500 – Plan 799 Plan 800 – Plan 1199 Plan 1200 – Plan 1798
iPhone 4 16GB ₱29,199 ₱27,399 ₱25,199 21,599
iPhone 4 32GB ₱34,599 ₱32,899 ₱30,599 ₱26,999
SKU Plan 1799 – Plan 2498 Plan 2499 – Plan 3499 Plan 3500 – Plan 4999 Platinum
iPhone 4 16GB ₱9,899 ₱8,399 FREE FREE
iPhone 4 32GB ₱15,399 ₱13,799 ₱6,399 FREE

hopefully the price of the iPhone 4 will decrease in a few months, so lets just wait and see.

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