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Smart Bro's plug it' Speed Test

Posted on 27 May 2010 by yizhan

   How fast Smart bro’s plug it can go.  Well yesterday when i was on my way home from Cavite to Rizal, I decided to run some speedtest via  I made a test from several places in Cavite, Pasay, Makati, Pasig, Taytay and Angono. Using the HUAWEI E1553 wireless broadband modem.


  Shown on the image below are the results of the speed test.

Speed test result taken from PLDT Binakayan Kawit Cavite ( besides PLDT Cell Site)

826283838cavite 826326887cavite bcr barcelona

This two are taken 2 to 3 km. away from the first one between the boundaries of Imus and Bacoor Cavite. (hmmm…. seems like no good at all.)


This one is from the end of C5 extension Rd. near  the runway of the airport in Multi National Rd. Paranaque City.

826380449nai terminal 3

This one is taken from the NAIA Terminal 3 parking lot beside the Smart Mobile Cell site.

826387089 global city

Taken from the Global City in Makati in Front of the Market Market. (while Stuck on the traffic)


Now this one was taken from Barangay Ugong in Pasig city in front of the PLDT Data Center.

826409668 floodway 826417422 taytay rizal

This two were taken in Taytay, Rizal. The first one was in Sandoval Bridge and the other one in Barkadahan Bridge around 4 km. apart ( almost half the difference in speed huh!)

826424767 Balaw Balaw

And finally my last test was take in Balaw Balaw Angono, Rizal near the Smart cell site.

   I’ve been using Smart Bro plug it since january 2010.  Well some times it gives me a headache, but it has been very helpful to me since i do most of my work at the field and i need  immediate access to my emails.

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Google TV

Posted on 22 May 2010 by yizhan

Google announced the  Google TV, a new innovation in the TV industries  and web, by integrating both internet and television experience.

Google TV is a new experience for television that combines the TV that you already know with the freedom and power of the Internet. With Google Chrome built in, you can access all of your favorite websites and easily move between television and the web. This opens up your TV from a few hundred channels to millions of channels of entertainment across TV and the web. Your television is also no longer confined to showing just video. With the entire Internet in your living room, your TV becomes more than a TV — it can be a photo slideshow viewer, a gaming console, a music player and much more.

Well knowing that Google is the top ranking when it comes to search engine, it  can give you fast and the easy way to navigate to TV channels, web   and applications.  In an announcement at the Google I/O last May 20, 2010 Google is challenging web developers to come up with new Android application for the TV experience.  Google is working together with Sony and Logitech to be able to put the Google TV inside the television and  Blu-ray players.  Google says that this will be available in the market this fall.

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Sony Ericsson’s TrackID™

Posted on 21 May 2010 by yizhan

Ever had an experience hearing a music and you’ll said ” i know that song”, but cant remember the title or who is playing the music?  well one of Sony Ericsson’s feature will come in handy in this situation. The TrackID™,  by just recording partial part of the musing that is playing and sending it to TrackID, and in a matter of seconds it will send you back the title, singer and album of the song.

Its easy to use, you must have an internet connection to use this feature.   Just open trackID™ from a compatible Sony Ericsson mobile phone record partial part of the song and then press “start”,  TrackID™ will do the rest. It also has a capability to determine song titles and singer from the played tune in the built in FM tuner of a Sony Ericsson mobile pone.  Since  TrackID™  is powered by the Gracenote music database, which includes over  2.5 million songs, you’ll had a great chance of success results in finding song’s title and singer.

Compatible Phones:  Zylo™, Z770i, Z750i, Z555i, Xperia™, W995, W980, W960i, W910i, W902, W891i, W760i, W715, W705, W595, W580i, W508, W395, W380i, W350i, W302, W205,  Vivaz™, T715, T707, T700, T303, Spiro™, Satio™, S312, S302, R306, R300, P1i, Naite™, Kita™, K850i, K770i, K660i, K630i, K530i, Jalou™, Hazel™, G900, C905, C903, G705, G700, G502, F305, Elm™, C902, C901, C702, C510, Aspen™,  Aino™

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Sony Atrac-Table

Posted on 16 May 2010 by yizhan

Looks like Microsoft Surface got a competition. This coming June, Sony is about to release  their latest interactive touch-screen device that was developed by AtracSys and Sony as well, the Atrac-Trable.  Well most of its feature is really much like of the Microsoft Surface but with added ability. I have only seen this tech stuff in the movie like the Minority Report and Iron Man, well  i think this time its for real.

The sony Atrac-Table is a 35inches wide multi touch-screen HD display and controllable by gestures, and equipped with two two built-in Sony ISS XCD-V60 cameras which detects motion and project the 3D object. Same as the Microsoft Surface, it also has the ability to interact what ever digital object placed over it. Much more, Sony claims that it can also determine your gender, your age, and even your emotion.  Imagine a device that can see or determine our emotion,  cool isn’t it?

Price is not available yet, but for this kind of tech stuff that really shows a big change in our technology today I think it would not be far from Microsoft Surface starting price of $12,500 or maybe higher for its additional capabilities. Well lets just wait..

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iPad TV remote control by Comcast

Posted on 14 May 2010 by yizhan

Well i think iPad users gonna love this one.  Watch the video while  Comcast CEO Brian Roberts, introduces the forthcoming iPad application that  enables you to program and control your TV remotely.

Well this application  gives you a better experience in setting up your cable TV and have the ability to shearch for show  just by typing a search keyword through the  virtual keyboard of the iPad, yah it is the feature that is missing in the cable box. It is very hard to search for thousands of  in demand TV shows when you don’t have this feature.  It also has a nice and cool  looking interface and it is well categorized.  You can just select what shows are on demand and you can also select if you only want to see whats on the news, movie and on sports.

Comcast team also says that they have plans on bring the TV in to the iPad it means the you can pull out TV shows directly to your iPad via the fancast video portal.

I think this would not give any inpact to the cable TV industries as long as subscribers keeps on paying their bill and receive  quality shows.  They can do as much application as  they can put up, but in my own opinion, watching through a wide screen than the small one. what do you think?

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    Industrial Ceramics

    Posted on 10 May 2010 by yizhan

    Industrial ceramics plays a great role in our technology today,  it covers all products that are made from inorganic, non metallic materials and  having  industrial or technical applications.  The materials normally consist of substance  with high melting or softening point.  The term “industrial ceramics” also refers to the science and technology of developing  and manufacturing such products.  The industrial ceramics are a large group of materials having  specialized uses other than domestic or aesthetic.  They generally exclude glasses, enamels, building materials and certain cements and refractories.   The fundamentals of industrial ceramics  derive from its name  ceramics, which is a term applied to all useful or ornamental clay objects that are baked.  

         The use of ceramics in industrial technology starts in the early 19th century, by developing a strong porcelains for high voltage electrical insulations.  Steatites and cordierites, also with special electrical and mechanilcal properties where produces in the 20th century.  This products where obtained largerly by blending  and then heating to high temperatures materials, such as various clays,  of variables or uncertain purity.   Wide range of new material with specified properties  for use in industrial ceramics had an increasing demands in the 1930’s.

      Primary Components Of Industrial Ceramics

    Compound Chemical formula  Melting Point (°C.)
    Aluminum oxide Al₂O₂ 2054
    Barium oxide BaO 1917
    Iron oxide Fe₂O₃ 1565
    Lead oxide PbO 886
    Magnesium oxide MgO 2800
    Silicon oxide SiO₂ 1726
    Titanium dioxide TiO₂ 1800
    Zirconium dioxide ZrO₂ 2680
    Boron carbide B₄C 2450*
    Silicon carbide SiC 2650*
    Tungsten carbide WC 2600
    Aluminum nitride AlN 2235*
    Boron nitride BN 3000*
    Silicon nitride Si₃N₄ 1900*
    Molybdenum disilicide MoSi₂ 2030

    *Decomposition Temperature

    Industrial ceramics has different properties that determine the range and extent of their uses. 

    Chemical properties.  Most industrial ceramics are consist of metals and semimetals with non metals and the common primary components are oxides.  A few nitrides, carbides, borides, and compounds containing more than one non metal.  Other material that may be regarded as ceramics are the elements silicon and carbon in the form of diamonds and graphite.  In general, ceramics are more resistant to oxidation and corrosion than plastic and metals.

    Mechanical properties.  Most  industrial ceramics are strong , that is, they show considerable strength and stiffness under compression and bending. “Bend Strength”  is commonly used as a criterion of merit and in design calculation.  The highest strength polycrystalline ceramic material are based on zirconium dioxide.

    Physical properties.  Industrial ceramics are compound of light non metals (oxygen, carbon, or nitrogen) with a  lighter metals or semi metals.  In general, ceramics  have low densities compared with metals.  And given the part size the strength-to-weight can be higher than for a metal.  Many ceramics are also very hard, and resist wear and abrasion.  The hardest material known is diamond, followed by boron nitride in cubic crystal form.

    Thermal properties.  Industrial ceramics has a very high melting or softening points.  They retain strength and resistance to deformation under load (“creep” resistance) at temperatures higher than those to which many metal can be exposed.  However, these brittle material is weak to “thermal shock”, it is a term for the generation of mechanical stress as a result of a sudden and severe change in temperature than can lead to failure.

    Electrical properties.  Ceramics exhibit a wide range of electrical conductivities.  For example, aluminum oxide is a very good insulator, silicon carbide is a semiconductor at room temperature,  and compounds such as chromium dioxide conduct electricity as a metal do.  The presence of mobile ions in an oxide or silicate may give rise to ionic conductivity, which increases in high temperature.  This is said to be the reason why porcelains cannot be use as a insulators at a high temperatures.  On the other hand the mobility of ions in certain types of oxide allows materials such as ß-alumina to be use as electrolytes in energy storage device like battery.

    Magnetic properties.  Ferrites or ceramics containing iron oxide, Fe₂O₃—can have magnetic properties similar to those of magnetic containing iron, nickel and cobalt.  Unlike metals, ferrite can be made with high electrical resistance and can be used at high frequencies without an acceptable loss of power.  They can be also made with a high resistance to demagnetization.

    Optical properties.  The optical characteristic of a ceramic depend on both intrinsic factor (determining color) and extrinsic (governing transparency).  The color of a single crystal depends on the amount of ion in the crystal.  Most single-crystal oxides transmit some visible lights; semiconducting single-crystal  may appear completely black.  Transparency is determined by the presence of light-scattering “flaws” such as grain boundaries and internal voids.

    Industrial ceramics is applied and use in many products today such as insulator for high voltage transmission line, spark plugs for automobile and motored vehicles, turbine rotors to drive electric generator and water pumps, Ball bearings,  electronic components  like integrated circuit (IC) and resistors.


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    Solar Panels as thin as a paper

    Posted on 06 May 2010 by yizhan

       Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) scientist had just made another breakthrough in the solar power technology, they had successfully printed a solar cells on a paper.  Well its seems that nano technology is beginning to grow. In a press conference last Tuesday as mentioned  in the CNET news, Susan Hockfield, MIT’s president, and Paolo Scaroni, CEO of Italian oil company Eni, officially Lunched the Eni-MIT Solar Frontiers Research Center. The research center had been investing millions of dollars and also receiving funding from the National Science Foundation as said by Vladimir Bulovic, the center’s director.


    Image Credits: Martin LaMonica/CNET

         The MIT researchers are using a carbon-based dye materials and the cells had a 1.5 to 2 percent accuracy in converting sunlight to energy. The research was headed by MIT professor Karen Gleason and has submitted the paper for scientific review and not had been published yet.

        Well this kind of breakthrough in the solar technology could be a better help for us when published. Its could be cheaper than the conventional solar panel and lighter. I see many application could benefits this especially countries that in need of alternative power source.

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    HTC launches HTC smart, HD mini and Legend in the Philippines

    Posted on 02 May 2010 by yizhan

    HTC launches their latest handsets last April 29, 2010,  HTC Smart, HTC HD mini and HTC Legend. The event was held at the ayala museum with celebrity Rhian Ramos.

    HTC Smart

    HTC Smart compact phone running on Brew® Mobile Platform at 300MHz processor speed. It has a 2.8-inches TFT-LCD touch screen sensitive.


    • 3oo MHz processor
    • Brew® Mobile Platform
    • 2.8-inch TFT-LCD touch-sensitive screen with QVGA resolution
    • 256mb ROM & RAM
    • 104 x 155 x 12.8 mm dimension ( 4.09 x 2.17 x .5 inches )
    • 108 grams ( 3.81 ounces) with battery
    • Europe/Asia:2100 MHz
    • Up to 384 kbps up-link and 3.6 Mbps down-link speeds
    • Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE:
    • 850/900/1800/1900 MHz  (Band frequency and data speed are operator dependent.)
    • Bluetooth® 2.0 with Enhanced Data Rate and A2DP for wireless stereo headsets
    • HTC ExtUSB™ (11-pin mini-USB 2.0)
    • 3.5 mm stereo audio jack
    • microSD™ memory card (SD 2.0 compatible)

    HTC Smart’s suggested retail price : Php12,900

    HTC HD mini

    HTC HD mini brings the HTC HD2 in a smaller package with HTC Sense interface lets you experience HTC technology in full capacity.


    • 600 MHZ processor speed
    • 3.2-inches capacitive touch screen with 320 x 480 HVGA screen resolution
    • Windows Mobile® 6.5 Professional with HTC Sense™
    • 512 mb ROM and 384 mb RAM
    • microSD™ memory card (SD 2.0 compatible)
    • Supports up to 32 GB
    • HSPA/WCDMA: 900/2100 MHz
    • GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
    • HSPA/WCDMA: 900/2100 MHz
    • GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
    • 3.5 mm stereo audio jack
    • Standard micro-USB  (5-pin micro-USB 2.0)
    • G-Sensor
    • Proximity sensor
    • Ambient light sensor
    • Bluetooth® 2.1 with Enhanced Data Rate
    • Supported profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, BIP, BPP, DUN, FTP, GAP, GOEP, HFP, HID, HSP, OPP, PAN, PBAP, SAP, SPP
    • Windows Media® Player
    • Albums
    • Pictures & Videos
    • FM Radio
    • Audio supported formats: .aac, .amr, .m4a, .mid, .mp3, .mp4, .qcp, .wav, .wma
    • Video supported formats: .wmv, .asf, .mp4, .3gp, .3g2, .m4v, .avi
    • Internal GPS antenna
    • HTC Footprints™
    • 5 megapixel color camera
    • Auto focus
    • Widescreen photo capture

    HTC HD Mini’s suggested retail price : Php29,200

    HTC Legend

    The HTC Legend has a stylish look and a sleek unibody design, powered by Android 2.1 and AMOLED display.


    • 600 Mhz processor speed
    • Android™ 2.1 (Éclair) with HTC Sense
    • 3.2-inches AMOLED capacitive touch screen with pinch-to-zoom capability
    • 320 x 480 HVGA screen resolution
    • 512 mb ROM and 384 mb RAM
    • microSD™ memory card (SD 2.0 compatible)
    • Supports up to 32 GB
    • HSPA/WCDMA: 900/2100 MHz
    • GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
    • HSPA/WCDMA: 900/2100 MHz
    • GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
    • 3G: Up to 7.2 Mbps download speed and Up to 2 Mbps upload speed
    • GPRS:Up to 114 kbps downloading
    • EDGE:Up to 560 kbps downloading
    • Wi-Fi®: IEEE 802.11 b/g
    • G-Sensor
    • Digital compass
    • Proximity sensor
    • Ambient light sensor
    • Photos application for viewing photos and videos
    • Music
    • FM Radio
    • Audio supported formats: Playback: .aac, .amr, .ogg, .m4a, .mid, .mp3, .wav, .wma
    • Recording: .amr
    • Video supported formats:Playback: .3gp, .3g2, .mp4, .wmv
    • Recording: .3gp
    • Bluetooth® 2.1 with Enhanced Data Rate
    • A2DP for wireless stereo headsets
    • FTP and OPP (object push) for file transfer
    • Other supported profiles: AVRCP, GAP, GOEP, HFP, HSP, PBAP, SPP, Service Discovery Application Profile
    • 5 megapixel color camera
    • Auto focus and flash
    • Widescreen photo capture
    • Geotagging
    • Internal GPS antenna
    • Google Maps
    • HTC Footprints™

    HTC Legend’s suggested retail price : Php31,700

    All this three unit will be available to market this May.

    Images and specification info was gathered directly from HTC

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    Microsoft Surface

    Posted on 02 May 2010 by yizhan

    Microsoft Surface, A multi-touch screen device developed by Microsoft, capable of responding to a natural hand gesture and real-world objects. Keyboards and mouse are not needed, you can just grab digital object with your hands and drag it. The Microsoft surface has the ability to identify and interact with an object place on the screen allowing you to transfer information between devices like digital camera and mobile phone.

    Video credits from

    Microsoft Surface technology uses cameras and images in the  infrared spectrum, making it possible to recognize different  object  that was placed on the screen and then processed by the computer to display the content of digital devices such as camera and mobile phone.  The user can now interact with it just simply by using hand gesture  instead of mouse and keyboard.

    Microsoft Surface’s technology started in 2001, when Stivie Batiche of  Microsoft Hardware and Andy Wilson of Microsoft research began exploring the concept of a interactive table.  Their goal is to mix physical and virtual world to provide rich interactive experience.  This idea was then presented by the New Consumer Products Group  to Bill Gates, and then a month after the first fully working prototype was created, based on an IKEA table and sheets of architect vellum as a diffuser. Microsoft Surface begun evolving as more application was created.   In 2007 the team developed and became the Surface Computing group and begun refining the prototype’s functionality and application. They have built more prototype for use by some software developers, hardware developers and researchers.  In 2007 the team shift from prototyping to building the and preparing to sell the first fully functional multi touch-screen multi-user computer and was commercialize in 2008.

    See More from Microsoft Surface.

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